Its been a minute and my mind has been spinning with all I’ve been wanting to let out and I have been losing track (as usual), but looking at my trend here, looks like I’m on track with one post a month(ish).

With that said, I really do believe I’m not the only one shifting and feeling the abundance of energy, change and being impacted by the fast pace of life . I mean, we’re 3 months into the new year and sometimes almost feels like a decade already… so many things happening every second… And not that this is different, I really don’t think so, but I do think we are so connected that the scale is that much higher.

As always with everything in life we are given choices, and I am choosing faith and hope, I am surprisingly enough at peace (for the most part) with everything that is happening. This pandemic really came to shift everything and bring us all to a new level, and honestly I think we really needed.

As society we became contradictory: we are connected and long for touch, we are so close and yet so far apart, we share every aspect of our lives yet we’re self centered, we want love but only our way, we give so we can receive, we want peace but we judge… And those contrasts show more each day, but one thing that I’ve always said (to myself and the ones close to me at least) we all push each other away and focus on the superficial differences, the image, when deep down we all want love, connection, respect, shelter and safety, and that’s really all we need.

But as a species we are greedy, we need more, always more, we deplete all resources around us then we move the target as we climb the never ending ladder of life… we do with our personal goals, our career, money, love, and everything we touch. We trespass boundaries but we want OUR boundaries to be respected. As we made and keep making discoveries one thing becomes clearer to me, we are constantly looking to and for control. We want to control time, aging, feelings, emotions, life, death and most important: Nature. And why? Because we FEAR, we can’t trust that what we want and need will be there for us, so we need to plan, scavenge, hoard, deplete…

For as far as I’ve been alive, which honestly is not a long time I’ve seen enough proof that we will never be able to control nature’s course and power, and this pandemic is yet another proof of that. The universe and earth are ready for a shift and Source Energy is here to teach us (yet) another lesson. We are vulnerable, and more so when we’re so divided, selfish and angry. Our greed blinds us, and all of a sudden the consequences of our selfish actions catch up to us and chaos ensue.

So I believe that today more than ever is time for us to pause, breath and look around us, we have plenty, individually and as a society, but we need to be willing to share. I didn’t stock pile on anything – toilet paper, food, hand sanitizer… but I was able to share with ones who were working and contributing to society (while a few savages hoarded supplies) and couldn’t make to the store on time… I am grateful that with all horrible things happening all around I am safe and sound sheltered in the comfort of my house with my loved ones around me, and while I am able to work from my pajamas if I so choose, there are people out there – essential workers – risking their lives (once again) so I can have all I need and some.

So I will continue to be grateful for being so blessed and privileged and I will elevate my thoughts, feelings and prayers to those people and all HUMANITY, so we can get through this – WE WILL, but that we can course adjust and LEARN from it. I will pray that we can become more conscious and share more, work together more, as it is more evident now (than ever perhaps) that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, we are all vulnerable and can’t control anything that happens to us and around us, we are one second away from everything as we know changing forever, so we MUST make the most of every second.

I now get that life has actually been preparing me all along, and am thankful for that. Today my heart is full and at peace, I don’t need to blame, shame, change people’s minds or opinions, I don’t need to FEAR as once again I am being giving everything that I want/need and some it has been the same all along and I truly believe it will be the same even if I’m not materialized in this body I wear now. And yes, this may sound like a bunch of baloney, but I can’t control people’s views, onions, interpretations, but I can only hope that my feelings and HOPE for peace and the rainbow at the end of this storm can resonate with someone somewhere, and they can feel relieved and then elevate their energy, because if we all focus on the positive and vibrate higher it will be easier for us to get through this. If we focus on the solution and not the problem, if we envision ourselves living the life we want once this is passed and behind us…

With that, I will go and conquer another day, I will work, I will do my best and then I will sew face masks for donation to all workers in need of them now because if there’s anything I can do to help, I will!

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