Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Fancy eh? I know… Honestly for the longest time I had reservations announcing that I’m a fitness and nutrition coach. Especially when I first started this journey I weighted 50 (some)lbs more than I do now. Yikes! Right?! WRONG! I will try to make sense and go off one path here to explain how I am now proudly announce to the world that I am a fitness and nutrition coach, since there are so many directions and points to be made. But in a nutshell, my idea of “Coach” has always been the literal meaning of the word – a private tutor; one who instructs or trains – therefore, someone with all the knowledge and experience ready to lead others right? I will add that in my mind I would expect a coach to be someone who leads by example and walk the walk or have walked the walk right?

So aside from having been active once (as I mentioned prior) and being in sports, I’ve never played professionally or leagues per se, and definitely didn’t have any academic background in either subjects either. Add the fact that I was overweight, and eating whatever I wanted when I wanted because why not?! Life is too short to skip dessert… Yeah, that was not going to cut it. If I wouldn’t come after me for “coaching” why would anyone else? I’m too logical and harsh on myself, and it can be the life and the death of me!

With that said, I was clearly miserable, tired of not feeling like myself, tired of hiding myself, and everything else that came with that yucky feeling of not belonging, not being. Part of me was constantly guilty of feeling those feelings and the other parts were raging against them. I was legit in WAR within and with myself. Now I see that as clear as day, but I couldn’t understand how someone who married an intelligent and like minded individual, fought together to have a beautiful house, in a great neighborhood, had a stable and safe job, friends, family, traveled to Disney World and Brazil, didn’t have to think twice before buying something at the store… and most importantly, has two beautiful, happy and healthy children, could be so unhappy…

How could me and my (at the time) husband be at each others throats most the time and making each other miserable? How could I feel so angry for having to take care of my family? How could I complain? Now I know… I was constantly giving, and giving and draining my cup, but I wasn’t filling it back up, I wasn’t taking care of ME!

Until one day I found an old picture of myself, I was wearing a two piece bikini, and I looked at that picture in shock for a while. I went from “Wow, and I used to think I wasn’t in shape back then…” to “How did I let myself go like this? I need to do something about this, and I will.” I knew the only way to get what you want is through hard work, but it is so easy to create our own obstacles, it took me years to get to where I was and I had a ton of work ahead of me. Luckily for me I enjoy projects and renovations! I refinish furniture all the time, I fix and find new uses and life for things… So I was ready for Project ME!

I was lucky enough to have a loving and great friend show me the ways and open the doors to this PIYO program, I could do it from home, at my own time and most workouts were 30min, I could totally do that! Well, I started, then I stopped, then I started again for a couple of months, but every time I did it, I felt amazing about myself, I loved the messages from the trainer and how things started to move inside of me… Then my friend invited me to an “online boot camp” with online workouts, motivation and support. I jumped in and committed and loved even more! I was now part of a group, people who were showing up and I felt like I needed to show up to! So I moved on to 21 Day Fix, I did the workouts, I drank my shake, and I noticed I didn’t have as much cravings and I was definitely making better food choices too! I got amazing results and I decided to go full in! It dawned to me that to be a coach all I needed was to be walking the walk, that would motivate people and help them feel the same I was feeling. I just need to be there with them every step of the way, make them feel included and able to relate….But trust me, it took a long time for that to sync as well.

As a brazilian/italian raised in Brasil, I will tell you for sure that food is one of my love languages! I enjoy food, I loce cooking and baking and trying and experimenting new things, and these programs came with nutrition plans that were healthy and not boring! And let’s face, working out is actually easy, controling what goes in your mouth… that’s a different story, specially when food becomes the coping mechanism for feelings, punishment or reward. Not to mention, when our lives are so busy and there are SO MANY EASY fixes and temptations all around. Those programs and communities helped with that too, and I started to apply the methodologies, and recipes to my life consistently and guess what?! Hard work pays off, who knew?

So this year they launched a Nutrition Certification and I jumped on it, because remember the cake and eat too? Well, doesn’t apply for life, but it certainly does for my nutrition! Yes, I can still enjoy ALL the foods I like just in a cleaner and balanced way. It’s all about control and choices. Its been a long road to get to that too, but I did it and I am beyond proud and humbled and love spreading the word and knowledge around. That fills my cup, and allows me to help others do the same. So I have no problems announcing to the world and inviting people to join me!