Furniture Work

I am a woman of many hobbies, one of them and perhaps my favorite being – bringing things back to life, furniture in special. But I also work on home decor, and pull my sewing machine often, and even dip my feet into some upholstery from time to time…

Yes, giving the LOVE in “TLC” to the pieces in need is one of my favorite pastimes. It probably ties back to my obsession with fixing things, working on projects and leaving things better than how I found them. I will also say that for me is a thrill, a high seeing something come back to life, seeing something finished, being re-used, re-purposed. I love adding character and my touch to pieces and making them one of a kind. Makes me proud and happy!

Of course, like with everything else (if you haven’t noticed the trend on this page yet) comes with sweat equity and hard work, and its been also a journey, but I think what I love the most about the whole thing, is the process…

Treasure hunting, be in an Antique store, garage sale, online… then absorbing the history of the piece, re-imagining, picturing in my mind and then making it happen…. Brings me a sense of that control I need, since I’m learning there isn’t much I can control anyway, but also validation that I can make things happen. So it becomes a parallel to my own life and personal development. Not to mention, is therapeutic as my mind wonders, as I connect with myself and inner thoughts while working with my hands.

To date I’ve done countless pieces, and this all started about 15(ish) years ago when I took a bunch of hand me downs from family and friends when I moved in into an apartment with my then boyfriend at the time.

I was in my early 20’s and starting a life, and that was the first “grown up” place I lived in, before then I had roommates and nothing more than just my personal belongings as I really only had a room and shared the common areas with friends and everyone owned a piece of something – couch, dining table etc…

I was so excited and wanted to have a place with charm, character, and comfortable enough to welcome friends and family for visits, but that certainly is a challenge when you’re in a tight budget and not really shopping for things you like… so I let my creativity speak and loved the results. I should add that at the time I was also going to College for Architecture, but wanted to focus in Interior Design.

Now we know that no matter at what point of your life you’re in, you will always find something you want to change around your house. Maybe you need a little more functionality, maybe you inherited an old piece, maybe you found a great deal on a piece you see potential but don’t have the time or don’t know where to start. Or maybe you just outgrew the style of things you originally acquired or just want to keep up with the trends. I know I do… So I decided to use my hobby as a way to help family and friends, and have also helped lots of people that I don’t know really who ended up buying “treasures” that I refinished.

For more of my work check it out where you can keep up with transformations, past and sold projects.